Colour can trigger the 4 happy hormones in the brain (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins). A person’s heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate when looking at certain colours. If you are walking down the street and you see someone wearing something bright and fun, it automatically gives off a vibe and a mood inclining you to acknowledge each other or feel a sense of warmth. Small additions of colour into daily life can really have a huge impact. People are drawn to a pop of colour, something refreshing, new and out of the ordinary. Why do you think bright coloured nails are an ongoing trend right now? When you add small or big doses of colour into life, our brain chemicals will trigger joy hormones because it is something vibrant and exciting that we are seeing.  Think about when someone is carrying a bright coloured purse that makes their outfit pop. It makes a statement right? You are drawn to it, you notice it, you may even love it, it probably makes you happy but at the very least it will make you smile and who knows it might invoke a conversation where you end up complimenting one another. Colour can create an exchange of positivity whether or not you even engage in conversation.


As Lee wrote in The Power of Positivity:


“When I walk down the street wearing bright pink or blue, people react to me differently, they smile more. I smile back. It’s a virtuous circle. Color becomes a way to connect with other people”- Lee in The Power of Positivity


This sums it up exactly! Colour connects people. There is a reason to smile. Colour stands out and our happy hormones start firing. Think of all the festivals, clubs, fairs, concerts you have gone too. Likely when you have been or are in these places, you are full of energy, you are alive, and you are having a great time. And do you know what most if not all of all these places have in common? COLOUR.