you need Self-Love


Research tells us that most of our thoughts are negative, and by most I mean above or around 80 percent. How astonishing is that? Now think about how amazing we are all coping to be able to deal with such negativity this frequently. We really do not give ourselves enough credit. Most of the time we are not consciously aware of our negative thinking and as a result it is  sometimes hard to love ourselves. As this is often the case, and now that you have read this, try to make an attempt to hold yourself accountable for ‘policing’  these negative thoughts from entering the mind. Being aware of such thoughts allows us to recognize when they pop into our head and reframe or replace the thought with something positive. If you wake up look in the mirror and think, ‘I look awful today,’ you will probably feel awful all day and you will only attract further negativity. Instead say ‘I look great today and it is going to be an amazing day.’  By doing this, you are conditioning your mind to think positively. Eventually, with constant practice and repetition it will be natural to form positive thoughts instead of negative ones as it will become a habit. It is possible to actually alter and program the mind to stop the negative self talk and ‘rewire’ the mind to have more positive thoughts. A great exercise that will help you in doing this is to start writing daily affirmations. An example of a daily affirmation is, “I am determined and smart,” or “I am strong, and I am confident.”  Each day pick an affirmation and say it over and over throughout the day.